Navy and Pink

Monday, August 29, 2011

This week the color watch that is becoming more and more popular is Navy and Pink! When I see Navy I get a nautical feeling, maybe because of the word NAVY! But needless to say you will see that type of theme pop up in this post because it just seems right to me. So to start off find an invitation that matches your colors and give that "navy pier" feeling. Use a custom stamp to add to the theme. The link at the bottom of the page shows you where you can purchase both!
Now, I am more fond of the bridesmaids in navy with the pop of pink as the color! If you are going to get married by water you can stay warm from the wind by adding those cute bright pink shawls. Also personalize each bridal bouquet with embroidery!

Staying with the nautical feeling, I found this rope boutonniere and these cuff links! Small details that pull everything together really can separate your wedding from the next. I really like how everything so far that you've seen is very simple. Staying with the simple theme add a simple cake with pink flowers on top and the navy ribbing around each layer.
You may notice a theme in our blogs - we love colored shoes! Bridesmaids with pink shoes to match their flowers (and everything else) is a really fun way to tie "complete the look." The pink shoes on the right were a brides shoes; I love the bows! And if you choose this color scheme shopping is going to be a lot easier for you because these colors are easier to find then some others (especially in the shoe department!)
If you wanted to do something a little less simple try detailing a cake with your colors like this one below! Also here is another look at what you could do with a groomsman's outfit. The stripes keep the pink from being overly feminine.
Also what is more like walking along a pier then candy! A candy bar used as favors or just for fun can be a fun decorative touch to the reception. Also it's fairly east to make the wraps for each jar; all you really need to worry about is finding all pink candy!
Two last things to leave you with that would fit this theme really well. First a Polaroid guest book. First of all this is a timeless way to capture the guests and would be a great thing to be able to look back at all your guests with your kids and see how funny their uncle used to look. The second is having cotton candy; to me this is a true nautical feeling and would be a different tasty favor to have!
Hope you enjoyed another style watch post! Please request any color combinations you are looking for and we will post it for you! If you want a bright color but you're not a pink girl look at some of the other colors we've posted: Coral and Turquoise or Purple


Why Not Do It Yourself? String Lantern

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This week my inspiration for this DIY project was lanterns. Lanterns are such an easy way to liven up a space for your event. Although lanterns are not typically very expensive to purchase, these DIY lanterns cost next to nothing, and are very easy to make. With a bunch of them put together, it would create a great look!

Mod Podge
Foam Paint Brush

1) Blow up balloon so that it is a circular shape. You can also use a beach ball. To create a full look at your event, you will want a few different sizes.

2) Tie a string to the top of the balloon to hang it while drying.

3) Take your spool of string (I just bought some white string from WalMart for about $1.50) and place the end of it at the top of the balloon, held by your finger. Begin wrapping string around the balloon from top to bottom, and back. I kept going until my spool ran out, but that depends on how much string you have. Use your judgement and decide how full of a look you're going for. Make sure you start wrapping around the sides as well as the top to bottom. You can either tie the end of the string to the top of the balloon or you can sort of tuck it. Make sure it stays in place.

4) Next, hang the balloon from the ceiling. Make sure there's nothing too close to the balloon, because it will shortly be covered in glue. You don't want it sticking to anything!

5) Grab your Mod Podge and your foam paint brush. Cover the entire thing with a generous amount of Mod Podge. I more or less patted the brush rather than brushed the brush. Brusing causes the string to move. The great thing about using the balloon or beach ball is that they're squishy, so while you're applying glue, you can really make sure each part is covered.

6) Next, let it dry. I let mine dry for two nights. I just wanted to make sure it would be completely dry. When it is dry, pop the balloon. If you have an experience like I did, because the balloon was glued to the string, even after you pop the balloon, it will basically stay in place. I had to poke all around the balloon until it unstuck on the sides. Then it just shrunk up exactly how I wanted it to. Then pull the limp balloon out the top of the lantern.

The end result was great!! I think this type of lantern would look great in a hemp string for a nice natural feel. You could also do it in any of your wedding colors to add a great and inexpensive detail!

You can also hang a light inside and make it a lamp! Perfect for using after your event is over.

See you in a couple of weeks for the next DIY project!


Friday, August 19, 2011

What an unexpected surprise review!  One of our current Brides, Lindsay, who will be getting married in June of 2012, reviewed SHE via ...

"We are in the process of planning our wedding for next summer and Stella Harper Events has been, by far, the best decision we have made. Emily and Erin jumped right in to planning with us... from pictures of ideas, vendor appointments, dealing with our venue, talking through what is most important to us, and making sure we enjoy all the little moments, we know that when June comes around, we will be relaxed, excited and able to treasure every second of our wedding!"

Lindsay & Travis, we are honored to be a part of your wedding!  We are enjoying every part of it, the design meetings are so full of creative energy, and between the three of us girls and Travis, we laugh just as much as we talk strategy and design.  It's been a blast so far, and it's only going to get more exciting as all of the elements start to come together!  You're the best- and thanks again for the mid-planning review, it was a first for us! 

~ Emily

Yellow and Gray

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Our Style Watch blog this week is going to be focused on the currently popular color combination of yellow and gray. Personally, I quite LOVE this color combo (I am secretly planning my not-in-the-near-future baby's nursery to be yellow and gray)!! There are tons of great ideas to showcase each of these colors, so let's dig in!

I'll start once again with invitations. Because this is the first thing the guests see, you want to give them a feel for the atmosphere that will be at the wedding. These invitations are so cute and and are going to start a theme that you will see throughout this post! 
Now the fun Although I LOVE gray bridesmaids dresses that have been becoming more and more popular, I must say I absolutely adore gray suits on the guys! It's such a classy color, and really looks sharp. Paired with this great striped tie and a cute boutonniere made of yellow billy balls (my favorite new bouquet flower), the whole package will make all of your guys look and feel better than all the other guys at the wedding!

Speaking of super popular gray bridesmaid dresses, please see the one I found below. LOVE! 

I love the look of gray bridesmaid dresses, but I would probably choose yellow as to not over-use the color gray. I think the girls would look lovely in a yellow dress that compliments the guys' gray tuxes. Yellow is summery and beachy; but either yellow or gray dresses the girls will look great!
The great thing about using a color like yellow (or green for example), is that you can use fruit to help decorate! It's inexpensive and adds a cute touch! Lemons are so pretty as centerpieces and you can do so much with them. What I also love about these lemons is that we can play off the round shape of them, also. If you haven't seen the pattern yet, we have used invitations with circles, billy balls, and now lemons. This can spin off into incorporating polka dots (linens, cake, favors) or the ever popular paper lanterns. 
All linens look really good - if you choose gray or yellow or even a patterned (stripe, polka dot etc). Since the colors are so light and go so well with white you can get away with patterns that wouldn't look so great with other colors. I also found these GREAT favors for your guests... lemonheads! They tie in the lemon decor and are topped off with a gray label. Perfect touch! I love these little yellow flowers; there are so many options with flowers make sure you look at all the options! Also if your wedding will be going into the evening - think about using lights! Look at the picture below to see how the lights literally brighten up the sky.

You make me happy when skies are gray is PERFECT for this yellow and gray theme! Look at all the small details you can use the colors in so easily!

The cake is also something you can incorporate the circular theme without making too overwhelming. First, just start with round layers. These two ideas are both great- one incorporating more of the yellow color, and one incorporating more of the gray color- and both fit great into the color scheme. If you want more of a traditional wedding cake the second two will still meet the theme of yellow and gray just in a more stumble way.
The last great touch I found for this color scheme is this handmade guestbook. These days people are getting so creative with what to do for their guestbooks. One way to be creative, but still have your physical guestbook when the wedding is over, is to try getting one of these custom made fabric guestbooks. They work with you so you can choose the colors, fabric, and details. And something else really unique - a handmade garter!
I really love these flowers (below) they look almost like a tree! So different then a lot of other styles. Letters spelling out everything are so cute - "drink" and "Mr. & Mrs" below! Steve Madden has some of the most fun, cute shoes! So definitely look at what is available when you're shoe shopping!
If you liked this blog check out some of our other color style watches - Green and White maybe one of our next blogs will include all three colors - white green and yellow. Also check out Gold and Coral post! It's a fun romantic but also kind of beachy awesome color scheme!

Gray Bridesmaid Dress
Yellow Bridesmaid Dress
Lemonhead Favors
Beach Wedding Pics 
Gray Yellow and Black Wedding 
Outdoor Wedding 
Gray and Yellow 
Bridesmaids in Yellow 

Brides Ask, We Answer!

Friday, August 12, 2011

"I have asked 2 of my friends to be hostesses at my wedding but I am unsure of the official duties for this position other than greeting my guests.  Are there any other duties included with this honor?"

The hostess role is given to a special person(s) in the Bride and Groom’s lives.  This person of honor would greet guests as they arrive to the ceremony and reception, guide them to the guest book and gift table as well as passing out programs during the ceremony.  Typically, a boutonnière or corsage is given to the host/hostess to honor their role in the Wedding Party. 
~ Emily

 Another great question!  Check back in 2 weeks for more Brides Ask, We Answer!

Why Not Do It Yourself? Paper Flowers

Thursday, August 4, 2011

We are back again to give you some more Do It Yourself decoration ideas. This week is going to be paper flowers! Here's a pic of the final product.

I think these flowers are such a cute touch and can be incorporated into your wedding with all types of themes. Think vintage bookstore or antique style wedding. Both classic designs and if you use the right book pages, you can make your flowers fit so well into your decor! If you choose to use a patterned paper or a colored paper, you can use them with any wedding theme.

Book pages (Choose a book you no longer read or stop by a garage sale and pick one up)
Brad (To hold the flower together)
Scissors/Flower Shaped hole punch (Two different sizes)
Exacto Knife

1) You can either use a flower shaped hole punch, or you can create your own flower shape. I had a 2-5/16" flower shaped hole punch at home, but I didn't have another size to go along with it. To make up for that I simply drew out a flower on a piece of paper, cut it out, and used it as a stencil. If you're looking for a hole punch, stop by your local Michael's, Hobby Lobby, or Jo Ann Fabrics and you can find one. Otherwise, create your own stencil!

2) Punch out/cut 10-15 flowers in a combination of the different size flowers you have.

3) Use an exacto knife, or something else that can punch a small hole, to put a hole in the center of all of flowers.

4) Stack all the cut out flowers on top of each other (small ones on top) with their center holes lined up. Push the brad through and fold out both "tails" of the brads to keep all the paper together.

5) Starting with the top layer, squish each paper layer up and together. See photos for example.

After first layer is squished.

After 6 Squishes.

All layers squished.

6) After all layers are squished, pull them back down to flatten them out a little bit. You can keep them as squished as you'd like, or as open as you'd like. You can also make it so the brad shows in the middle (as below), or you can make it so it doesn't (see first photo of this post).

Now you have a super cute paper flower! These are great for decorations/tags on your wedding favors, used as centerpiece accents, as a creative and inexpensive boutonniere for the guys, or even for place cards (just add a cute leaf with the name and table number)! To make yours unique, choose other types of paper and/or brads.

Check back next Monday for another style blog!
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